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DGS stands for tested and certified quality.

From producing classic knitted wire mesh to providing a versatile range of services, DGS covers a broad range of applications.


Knitted wire mesh

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Technisches Gestrick

Technical Knits

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Automotive engineering

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Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik

Environmental and process engineering

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Filter technology

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Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Machinery and plant

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Industrielle Teilereinigung Industrielle Teilereinigung Industrielle Teilereinigung

Industrial component cleaning

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Knitted Wire Mesh

Wire mesh manufactured by DGS finds a wide range of application in different operational sectors. Depending on the application, optimally adjusted ductility and load-bearing capacity requirements are used.

Technical Knits

Among other uses, DGS technical knits are of particular use in cable and wire technology. They are ideal for shielding sources of electromagnetic interference, or for sealing construction components (e.g. at high temperatures).

Automotive Engineering

DGS products also make excellent seals or isolation components in exhaust and air bag systems. Outstanding product characteristics include vibration dampening, sealing and isolation for a wide variety of different construction components.

Environmental and Process Engineering

DGS demisters have been used to great effect in numerous branches of industry. The clean separation of liquid and gaseous particles allows for optimized separation with maximum efficiency and the best possible exhaust air purification.

Filter Technology

DGS knitted wire mesh products have been designed to cover a wide range of applications in industrial separation. Whether at home or on the job, the key aspect is the purification of air and water.

Machinery and Plant Construction

DGS knitted wire mesh for machinery and plant construction is about finding individual solutions to needs-based demands. Mesh based vibration dampening extends the life span of your machines and results in a gratifying noise reduction in the workplace.

Industrial component cleaning

A new service from DGS  – Industrial component cleaning of various components from both non-chip-forming and chip-forming units for the automotive industry as well as machinery and plant construction.

Did you know?
We produce knitted wire mesh products for machinery and plant construction. Our knitted wire mesh is suitable for a wide range of industrial uses. Whether it is automotive manufacturing, environmental and process engineering, filter construction or machinery and plant construction: Our wire meshes are as adaptable as we are, and that’s a good thing.