Automotive engineering

DGS as a long-term partner to automobile suppliers

In automotive engineering, DGS products may be used as seals or insulators in exhaust systems and airbag systems. Used for vibration dampening and isolation, and for sealing or storing catalysts, a wide variety of knitted wire meshes are a crucial component of these systems.

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Due to continuous improvement and an expansion in production, as well as an optimized knitted wire mesh configuration, we have developed variable, innovative products for a wide range of uses.

Potential applications and forms for knitted wire mesh in modern automotive manufacturing:

  • Bearing and dampening elements
  • Retaining rings for exhaust systems
  • Seals
  • Airbag components
  • Knitted wire mesh coatings for seals
  • Storage and sealing for monoliths and catalysts
  • Exhaust and airbag systems for heat dissipation

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