Environmental and process engineering

Droplet separator and coalescence separators for all branches of industry

DGS mist eliminators as well as coalescence and droplet separators are used in virtually every industry branch of environmental and process engineering. These tested products function by separating liquid from gaseous particles. An optimized separation takes into account economic and efficiency criteria, for the best possible exhaust air purification.

Umwelt- und VerfahrenstechnikRaffinerie bei NachtEnvironmental and process engineering

Working with our customers, we determine the specific requirements for the mist eliminator in order finally to ensure the product’s optimal efficiency and economy.

At DGS, we strive to obtain optimum results for coalescence and droplet separators, oil and emulsion mist separators, as well as separation cartridges and wire mesh filters.

Our DGS modular building program permits the use of standard components, as for example with combination filters. In this way, we can react quickly and flexibly to individual customer requests.

Do you have questions about environmental and process engineering? Are you interested in mist eliminators, coalescence and droplet separators and/or oil and emulsion mist separators? At DGS we will gladly help and provide you with a free, non-binding quotation.