Filter Technology at DGS

Perfect separation for industry through optimized filter technology

As a crucial component in cleaning air and water, DGS filter components have a wide variety of potential uses.

FiltertechnikFiltertechnik RauchmontageFilter Technology at DGS

The separation of high concentrations of dust or oil and emulsion mists is particularly important for power stations, air conditioning plants, rolling mills as well as in machine, vehicle and tool construction.

Moreover, in contemporary society we often encounter a diverse range of climatic conditions. This applies as much at home as it does in the workplace.

DGS knitted wire meshes can be found throughout industrial construction as a part of an optimized filter technology. They are an indispensable component, e.g.

  • in refineries
  • in drainage facilities
  • in wastewater treatment facilities
  • in extraction systems
  • as air, dust, water and fat filters
  • in desalination plants

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