Industrial component cleaning / surface cleaning

Industrial component cleaning as effective surface cleaning at DGS

DGS has specialized in the surface cleaning of non-chip-forming and chip-forming manufacturing. Customers from the sectors of machinery and plant construction as well as the automotive industry may make special use of these newly developed capabilities. We clean facilities and manufacturing components from the following industries and sectors:

  • Machining centers
  • Electrical engineering
  • Precision mechanics
  • Boring, turning and milling components
  • Punching, pulling and extruded components
  • Motor and electric motor construction

Our service also includes the cleaning of all construction units and lot sizes, including pick-up, cleaning and delivery. We further offer a professional ex-factory residual dirt analysis according to ISO 16232 and VDA 19, as well as detailed analyses tailored to specific customer and company standards.

DGS covers the following areas for its customers:

Industrielle Teilereinigung Lohnreinigung

contract cleaning

Industrielle Teilereinigung

residual dirt analysis

Industrielle Teilereinigung Baugruppenmontage

module assembly

Industrielle Teilereinigung Verpackung und Versand

packing & shipping

Your advantage:

  • Cleanliness is maintained continuously
  • Affordable and economical
  • High batch weight
  • Short cycles
  • Fully automated cleaning

In the end, three good reasons:

Aided by well thought-out methods, industrial component cleaning frees construction components from deposits and contamination. Degreasing, cleaning and conservation three good reasons for a professional component cleaning. Economical and rapid – our emergency service at DGS will assist you within 24 hours. Try us now!

Do you have questions about industrial component cleaning and/or the effective surface cleaning of construction components? At DGS we will gladly help and provide you with a free, non-binding quotation.

Did you know?
DGS partners with competent businesses to provide industrial component cleaning that includes surface cleaning.