Knitted wire mesh

Variable properties for diverse applications

Thanks to a diverse selection of base materials and additives, knitted wire mesh products from DGS can be used in numerous operational capacities.

DGS also has the capability of manufacturing knitted wire meshes completely according to customer specification and potential application. We work closely with our customers to determine suitable manufacturing variants, then to implement them for specific operational areas.

Drahtgestrick Rollenware Central Electric Heat CHPKnitted wire mesh

A classic example is the use of knitted wire mesh to increase seat cover durability in public transportation. Our products afford maximum protection against intentional damage and vandalism.

By customizing mesh count to ensure appropriate ductility and capacity, we can vary the design of our mesh to suit your needs. DGS knitted wire mesh products are often used as connecting or supporting elements.

Do you have questions about our knitted wire mesh products? At DGS we will gladly help and provide you with a free, non-binding quotation.