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DGS knitted wire mesh in machinery and plant construction

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Maschinen Anlagenbau SchwingungsdämpferMaschinen AnlagenbauMachinery and plant construction

When machines, devices and construction components are operated continuously, damage from constant vibration, material wear and tear, and abrasion from insufficient vibration dampening is a given. DGS wire mesh shaped parts offer a highly efficient and economical solution to combat aging processes resulting from vibration. At the same time, the use of wire mesh compacts leads to a measurable reduction in background noise at the workplace and thereby an improvement in the working environment.

Forms for compacting the knitted wire mesh are manufactured according to customer specifications, ensuring consistent quality throughout the production process.

The chief use for knitted wire mesh in mechanical engineering is vibration dampening. The above figure shows a selection of various manufacturing form and size possibilities for dampening elements.

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