Research and development

Innovation is the most important engine for growth

At DGS, research and development is our priority!
At DGS, research and development is our priority!

Research and development are our best investment in the future. It is how genuine innovation develops: We have developed new knitted wire mesh products with high user utility as a direct consequence. DGS is a company that prides itself on innovation, manufacturing product series from its own achievements in research and development, and thus purposefully investing in the future.

In-depth knowledge & practical networks

Through know-how, close co-operation with customers and strong relationships with prestigious institutes of higher education and universities, pursuing the continuous improvement of our knitted wire mesh products is an important goal. With our design programs and various testing facilities, we are consistently able to ensure our customers the optimal use of our products.

Ready for the future – thanks to innovation! Our knitted wire mesh products are closely linked to the latest discoveries in research and development.