For environmental technology and process engineering our droplet separators are used in all industries, especially in chemical and petrochemical plants. The goal is to separate liquids from gases, for example in gas air cleaning, in distillation units and in absorption columns or steam boilers.

Several layers of our wire mesh are put on top of each other and create a porous but nevertheless dense mesh. When steam flows through, droplets sooner or later are stopped by the tightly knitted mesh. The liquid collects and drips down, whereas the gas flows out. Separation efficiency is high, there is little loss of pressure and the meshes are extremely durable.

We can produce the droplet separators as well as the materials used for new or existing plants and adapt them to the customer´s needs and type of application. Crucial for our calculations are the quantities of material used and the operating temperatures involved.

Montage eines Tropfenabscheiders
assembly of a demister
verschiedene Tropfenabscheider
various demister

We also produce the supporting and covering grids individually. Droplet separators the size of a football as well as especially designed ones the size of a swimming pool are manufactured in our production areas.

The varieties in material and density are so great that the droplet separator can also work in reverse as an evaporator. In seawater desalination plants, for example, the liquid containing salt is separated and collected in the wire mesh and the hot water steam flows through the droplet separator. The steam condenses and can be collected as fresh water.

Types and variations:

Benetzte Oberfläche eines Tropfenabscheiders
wetted surface of a droplet separator

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