Many industrial companies, start-up entrepreneurs and product designers of products might not know it yet – but wire meshes could be just the right solution to their problem, however special it may be. For example protective respirators in mining are equipped with wire meshes that filter and cool the inhaled air even in an extremely hot environment. When hydrogen is produced by means of electrolysis, the gap between the electrodes and the membrane is filled with an elastic element made of wire mesh – due to the even distribution of tension excellent results can be achieved.

Wire meshes do not weigh much and are flexible, but nevertheless are enormously stable and hard-wearing. With our desire to innovate and expert knowledge we are constantly discovering new areas of application with our customers. If required we produce especially shaped compacts, cylindrical filter cartridges or individual coating and sheet metal casing for the meshes. The metal processing and welding work is mostly done in our own special 12 | Special solutions plant or in close co-operation with partner companies – thus our customers are provided with components to their own exact specifications.

Quite a number of special solutions from our production centres have made it into volume production. Original ideas created together with the customer have thus developed into longtime partnerships and into mutual success.

Metallfilter in Kegelform
metal filter in cone shape
Ringfilter für Küchenabluft
ring-filter for kitchen exhaust air
Filterkerze mit Gestrick
filter cartridge with knitted wire mesh
Druckbehälter mit Tropfenabscheider-Einsatz
pressure vessel with droplet eliminator insert

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