If you use local public transport you may be sitting on one of our wire meshes. They protect the upholstery from vandalism: attempts at stabbing and cutting have no chance of penetrating the metal. But the operational areas can also be far more specialized: for example barrel extruders in the injection  moulding are cleaned with wire meshes, in a similar way that baked-on food in pans is removed by a metal sponge. Protection, heatand sound insulation, filtration and separation: the applications are various.

Gewellte Kombi-Gestricke
crimped co-knitmesh
anti vandalismus gestricke
anti-vandalism wire mesh

At the heart of all our products is the mesh. Unlike in meshes with several loose components a single metal wire is turned into meshes that stick together. The wire runs from a reel to the needles winding around the metal – resembling a knitting dolly. The result is a flexible, yet stable wire mesh.

With our knitting machines and well-assorted stocks we are able to produce bespoke items according to the special needs of our customers. The more needles the more meshes: in the end, the fabric comes out of the machine as a fine-meshed cord as wide as a finger but also as a broad coarse-meshed but nevertheless stable band. It either remains flat or is given a three-dimensional shape by means of rollers with a slanted or arrow-shaped corrugation. This gives the mesh more volume.

Glatte Drahtgestricke
flat knitted wire mesh

Depending on customer requirements the wire diameter can be only 0,03 millimeters or up to 0,8 millimeters. It is round or rolled flat before knitting, which increases the surface of the mesh. Types of metal used are for example aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel or iron. We can also produce acid-proof plastic meshes or combinations of metal, plastic or synthetic- and glass fibres, consisting of several threads.

We can decide which mesh is best suited for the purposes of our customers on a chemical and physical basis and last but not least because we have decades of experience. Of course we also like to develop individual special solutions

Types and variations:

circular knitting-machine

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