Everybody has already seen metal filter cassettes. In everyday life they are used in extractor hoods and air conditioning systems. But also in industry filter cassettes can be used for coarse or fine separation and thus fulfill requirements in environmental protection and job safety, for example in kitchens, in situations involving welding and in manufacturing plants.

Several layers of filter mesh clean the air which is sucked in, of dust, oil mist or cooling lubricants – either before or after the production process or in combination. Galvanized iron, aluminum or stainless steel: depending on the application we choose the right metal mesh or suitable combinations of materials. In reverse as well, the filters cassettes can be used as vaporizers for all-over humidification.

Elektropolierter Rundfilter mit Aufhängung
electropolished filter with suspension
Ölnebelabscheider im Einsatz
Oil mist separator in use

At DGS we produce filter cassettes in all shapes and sizes including metal frames and grids on the front and back side. It does not matter if it is a series filter or an individually produced piece. We carry out the metal work in our own plant and thus can provide a custom-fit product for the customer fast and without problems.

Types and variations:

Trapezförmiger Metallfilter
trapezoidal metal filter

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